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Astrology and Vaastu: How are the 2 arts faces of the identical coin?

The principles of Vaastu Shastra are regarded for bringing love, peace, prosperity and contentment. However, once in a while people bitch that they may be tormented by illnesses, losses, intellectual worries attributable to kids, marriage, career, etc., despite their residence strictly adhering to Vaastu principles. One of the high-quality astrologers in India, Sundeep Kochar firmly believes that astrology and Vaastu have a sturdy connection. Vaastu is a balance of 5 basic factors, viz., Earth, Water, Space, Air and Fire. According to the celebrity astrologer, while those factors are laid in proportion to each other, they generate bio-electric powered strength that bestows prosperity, fitness and peace upon the natives.

On the alternative hand, astrology refers back to the look at of the positions and components of celestial our bodies. It is primarily based at the belief that those planetary motions have a power on the direction of herbal earthly occurrences and human affairs. When Astrology and Vaastu are implemented in aggregate, they assist the local in reaching a positive private space for the general fulfillment and boom.

Astrology and Vaastu

In Vaastu Shastra, there may be a commonplace belief that the East course is maximum auspicious. The reason behind the belief is that Sun being the supply of all energy, offers most strength to the houses which without delay face it. However, it isn't viable for absolutely everyone to get their residence constructed going through East. This makes the function of astrology in Vaastu even greater vital. Astrology can help humans through guiding them towards the most lucky course. Changing vicinity of the fixtures and different articles in the house in step with the horoscope is one way. A character’s horoscope can identify the basic factors of at ease residing, together with auspicious path, colours, and surroundings. “The flowers, bushes, front and other structures, which can be dangerous or suitable in your home, may be additionally be ascertained with the assist of astrology. For instance, the East route is favored by means of the Sun, the Ascendant, and the zodiac signal Aries; West direction is favored by means of Saturn. South path is signified with the aid of the 10th residence, and is favored with the aid of zodiac sign Capricorn,” says Dr Sundeep Kochar.

He explains in addition, “The correlation of Vaastu and Astrology indicates every course has specific impact on distinctive character. For instance, in line with Vaastu principles, East route in wellknown is a useful course. However, it can now not prove to be useful for an man or woman born with Capricorn ascendant.” According to astrologer Sundeep Kochar, an Astro-Vaastu analysis can determine and rectify many such things thru someone’s horoscope. He is of the opinion that Vaastu evaluation and horoscope analysis ought to prefer each different to decorate prosperity, peace and contentment in life.