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POOJA is a reverent tradition execute to different Gods, by People or visitor. In South Asia tradition, POOJA is responsible for a various event, POOJA may be done in Homes and in a house of worship (Temples). While doing POOJA a God, Spirit or other prophesy aspect proves along with devotion, Songs and Certain ceremony, His favor an important characteristic of POOJA.

Kali Mata Pooja is deliberate to be one of the most important Pooja in the Maha Vidya's Pooja. The Kali Matha Pooja is being executed on the first lunar phase. The gifts being giving to Kali Mata should be approved with full of faithfulness because Maa Kali is related with dark and evil devotion. The Maa Kali is believed to kill the evil and beverage all their blood so no other evil arise. The Kali Mata Pooja is knowing to be very promising because Kali Mata secures the single from the evil spirit Astrologer. Kali Mata Pooja is reflecting the powerful and effective Pooja to give the instant and quick results.

Ganesh Puja: Lord Ganesh is the highest regard South Asia goddess. Ganesh is a god of knowledge. Lord Ganesh is an homage in the start of an all-important event of a ceremony. It is said in Skanda Purana that Lord Ganesh is an homage in the start of all favorable occasion. Anyone backward in learning, need of memory, opening any business, going to build a house. Begin all this by present devotion for powerful Lord Ganesh for protections, with help of Pandit Shiva Guru Astrologer.

Pandit Shiva Guru will execute all pooja to resolve all Problems and gives you best and quick solutions.

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